Posted by: GourmetGirl | December 13, 2011

The Art of Knitting Sweaters

The Art of Knitting Sweaters is not for everyone.

Patience, Time and Practice are not qualities every knitter has. But, it is something every knitter can learn to accomplish no matter the skill level.

Patience is needed first of all because it takes many hours to knit even a basic sweater. A garter stitch sweater can be accomplished for the beginning sweater knitter as well as one in stockinette. It takes patience to wait for the outcome of a sweater and patience to improve your skill.

Time is needed to knit a sweater a second and a third time to figure out how it fits YOU the best. That silly tape measure is your sweater’s friend! Why spend all that time knitting a sleeve that is 13 inches wide when your arm is 14 inches around? Many knitters knit without taking the time to measure their own body or measure a garment you already own and love to wear to make sure it will fit well.Thinking you are a 36 does not mean that a 36 inch sweater will fit you. It may be too big. Most knitters knit their sweaters too big. Knitting is a waste of time if you are not aware of what you are knitting or how you need to do to accomplish best results. (See my article on Gauge.)

Practice makes perfect. It also gives you knowledge. Smaller stitches make sweaters that stretch and sag less. Lighter weight yarn in those smaller stitches gives a lighter sweater with drape. Add weight to the yarn and you will add warmth to the sweater. Practice with different yarn and different stitch counts.Put everything you learn together for fantastic sweaters. Continue with these qualities again and again to move on to cables, lace, fair isle, and combinations of techniques.

Work with more Patience, Time and Practice in your knitting and your wardrobe will be blessed with wonderful works of Wearable Art.

Happy Knitting your Art!



  1. strongly agree, well said,
    we miss you so much . . . .

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