Posted by: GourmetGirl | January 3, 2012

A New Year of Knitting

It is a New Year for your knitting!

People make New Year Resolutions all the time…..Some years I do – quietly to myself……

I am a list maker. So really, I make resolutions or goals all the time. Especially with my knitting.

Projects on my needles. Well, I do always have that. Even though to finish and not start new projects was one of my “quietly to myself” goals last New Years. I really only have two projects left to complete, so that has worked well.

One is my BaaBaa Looey bag. The other is a simple top-down sweater for those cold chore days. Enough to keep me warm, but three quarter sleeves and short body so the sweater wont get in my way while cleaning or doing other household chores.

Oh my, I forgot about the leftover yarn sweater! It has been sitting without the sleeves for well over a year! Maybe I should make it a short sleeved sweater. That way I can just finish the sleeves with a rib….. 🙂

And socks. Do socks count as an unfinished project?

I don’t think so. I always try and have my “sock bag” handy to grab for an easy knitting-on-the-go.

Okay. So it looks like I need to continue to work on the finishing of projects.

Should we talk about knitting from my stash? Or is that just setting myself up to fail? I think so. I must embrace my love of yarn and not worry about that one.

Well, at least not this New Year of Knitting……..

Happy New Year of Knitting,




  1. Oh no! Never worry about stash. It is to be used to decide what you really need (something that is not in it). Stash should be full of different types of yarn, different colors and weights. Then it should be used to decide if a certain type of yarn will be acceptable for that next great project. So stash should be big, varied and fun. Embrace your love of texture, color and all that yarny goodness.

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