Posted by: GourmetGirl | January 10, 2012

Changing the Way You Knit

Frequently, I change the way I knit.

What I mean is the techniques I use. Knitting a sweater in a different way than the last time, sometimes, makes the sweater better. Or, sometimes, it leads me to design the next sweater differently. Changing the way a sweater is knitted, for me, is a continual process that, I hope, makes my designs fresh and innovative.

My Blue Skies sleeveless design tackles a different way to knit something sleeveless from the top down. 

I have also worked with short rows. Working short rows at the front top of the neck allows the neckline to drop down instead of rising up. Women have breasts and need to allow more room for this. Men – especially muscular men – need more in the back shoulders to allow for their larger muscles.

I also have switched to adding stitches at the underarms to create more room for our round arms. My next try will be to add stitches to the back at the underarm area. The only hold back on this is: the pattern stitch. If you knit extra rows at the back area before your join, you need to have a pattern stitch that will line up with the front when you join the back with the front.

The most fun, for me, is a design that starts with working the back neck area first, as I have in my Annabelle Jacket and my Walking Vest designs. Changing direction of knitting but still working top-down without the need to seam pieces together is fantastic!

Knitting continually captivates me. I wish the same for you….

Happy Knitting,



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