Posted by: GourmetGirl | January 17, 2012

Island Knitting

Island Knitting. Are you thinking of sand, ocean and swaying palm trees? Hmmmm, that is a fantastic type of Island Knitting.

But, the type of Island Knitting that I am thinking of is being a lone knitter.

I had a woman see me knitting and comment that knitting was a lost art and that not too many people “do that” any more. You should have seen the shocked look on her face when I told her about Ravelry having over a million users! And, of course, I told her there were plenty of knitters that didn’t belong to Ravelry.

We all know that knitters are everywhere. They are young and old and live everywhere from the snow and cold to the tropical warm climates.

Back to Island Knitting and being a lone knitter. I was a lone knitter for many years. Learning only from books and magazines.

Even though I now knit with a group on Friday mornings I sometimes feel like a lone knitter. Am I the only crazy person knitting on 3’s a lace jacket that has 8 different pattern stitches?

No, I know I am not. There are many knitters out there that tackle the crazy tough knitting. They usually don’t post or say much about what they are knitting. OK, I know if I spent some time I could find their posts – I don’t – I am usually knitting.

To my wandering point – It must be the “Island thing” on my brain. I would like to encourage you to Island Knit.

Island Knitting is to tackle something you have not tried before.

Choose a different pattern stitch, choose a pattern with smaller needles. Choose something no one else in your knitting circle has knitted before. Be that lone knitter on your own Island and Knit!

There is no fear in Island Knitting. You have the advantage of being to connect with countless knitters out there! And knitters love to help other knitters!

Happy Island Knitting,




  1. What an inspiration Nancy! This is my favorite post of yours so far! I miss you so much! Keep it up!

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