Posted by: GourmetGirl | January 24, 2012

When Do You Decide?

When do you decide it is time to try something new?

When you see another knitter tackling a new project that simply looks fabulous? Or you find a pattern that is “calling to you” to want to try it? A yarn is the inspiration?

At this time, I am trying something new. Designing with novelty yarn. And not only with novelty yarn – but BULKY novelty yarn!

Did I hear a gasp?!

I know! Me? Bulky and novelty?!

Well to be honest, I have incorporated novelty yarn into some of my designs. I used novelty yarn from Feza Yarns in both my Peace Wrap and Creme Brulee.

This time, however, it is all about the novelty yarn. Feza Yarns Alp Oriental, their bulky weight novelty yarn.

Feza Yarns specializes in novelty. Their Alp series takes different novelty yarns and puts them together to create fabulous fun. And the colors! I love color and Feza’s Alp series has fabulous color!

Back to the project – I am almost complete in finishing my first design with Alp Oriental. Well, the design is complete, I am now at the end of knitting the sample and I find myself pleased with the outcome.

Sorry, I cannot share much more than that right now. But I can tell you that next up is a design with Feza Yarns, Alp Premier. The colors on this skein are my colors! I am excited to wind the skein to see all the different novelty yarns that are within the skein!

Too much Fun!

I encourage you to decide to try something new in your knitting. It can bring excitement to your day!

Happy Excitement in your Knitting,



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