Posted by: GourmetGirl | January 31, 2012

A New Knitter!

I meet a new knitter this week!

It is always a thrill for me to meet a new knitter. Another knitter and I right away have something in common. WE KNIT!

My new knitter was working with straight needles with a bulky variegated yarn. She was working on a wide scarf – really a shawl to keep her warm at her chilly work place.

She was using a garter stitch – even though she didn’t know that is what it was called. She told me she loved to just knit and she could do it in the dark because she didn’t need to look at her work to knit.

Her kids even love to knit with her and she has made numerous scarves for them. Now one of them is requesting a hat! She asked me if she had to use “one of those” as she pointed to my circular needles. I replied, yes, or double pointed needles and at the end of the hat she would have to use double points.

She made a face, but I could tell she would still give a hat a try.

I then asked her if she knew how to purl. She answered yes, like it was a comfortable stitch for her. So, you know what I said next……..

Of course! I encouraged her to learn how to cable! Even her friend sitting next to her got excited and told her it was time to change up her knitting. All three of us delighted in the idea of her making scarves with cable patterns!

I explained to her the basics of cabling and I could tell she understood and that it didn’t seem as hard to her as using circular needles. (I love when knitters are fearless!)

Before I left her to her knitting, I gave her my card if she needed any help and also told her about Ravelry. đŸ™‚

I wonder if she has tried cables……..and I bet she has already signed up for Ravelry!

Happy New Knitter Meeting,




  1. Cool to meet a new knitter, isn’t it.

    You can also make a hat by making a smallish scarf, like 20-22 inches, then sewing the ends together to make a tube, and gathering one side to make the top of the hat. This is a good way to encourage a new knitter who gets tired of just knitting and knitting to make a whole scarf, as you can quit before the scarf is complete and if you have about 20-22 inches (50-60 cm) you’ve got a hat.

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