Posted by: GourmetGirl | February 7, 2012

Knitting Joy

There are few True Joys in life.

A True Joy is your new baby in your arms. Or seeing your child accomplish something.

There are other Joys in life – maybe not as monumental as a child, but Joy all the same.

Joy in Knitting can happen with any project at any time. The yarn, the pattern, the pattern stitch…….

I thought I would share my most recent Knitting Joy:

I am working with Cascade yarns, Venezia Sport on a long lace jacket.

When it is complete, it will have 8 different lace pattern stitches.

I plan on knitting it to fall past my knees at the bottom and to my elbows before I attach a lace “ruffle”.

I originally planned for it to have a sash with the same pattern stitch as the sleeves – but, we will wait and see if that still will make the design.

I also may add a collar – I wasn’t planning on that, but the neck edge is rolling more than I want.

There are a few other things that may make it to the finish with this jacket.

Time will tell.

Knitting Joy is seeing the progress. Knitting Joy is loving the feel of the yarn. Knitting Joy is knowing I can make this knitting whatever I want it to be.

Happy Knitting Joy,



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