Posted by: GourmetGirl | February 14, 2012

A 2nd Time?

I think the only thing I have knitted more than once are socks.
And even then, the length and the cuff have changed.

I don’t know if, at this point and time, I can knit something a 2nd time.

I would feel the need to change something. And the something would have to be more than different yarn or a small change here or there. With so many other projects floating around in my head and the yarn falling out of my closet – I really can’t see myself knitting something a 2nd time.

I just had a long talk with a knitting friend about knitting and life. She always has something insightful to point out. This time it was: “Only you can make the choice”. We weren’t talking, at the time, about knitting something over and over again – but her words of wisdom still apply.

Only you can make the choice of what to knit.

As many of you know, I am an advocate of encouraging a knitter to try something new. Something that will improve their knitting skills and will allow them to “grow” as a knitter.

Maybe it is this trait that does not allow me to knit something over again. And maybe it is this trait that pushes me to be creative in trying something new – even when it doesn’t work.

There are things I have tried that are new and have not been pleased with the outcome. And sometimes I know that outcome could be made more pleasing if I knitted it again – tweaked the design this way or that way. (Shhhh! Sometimes I put it in the pattern. And Sometimes as an Option.)

So, in leaving, I will share that I probably will not knit something a 2nd time.

I also plan on focusing on what I feel are creative and unusual designs. (Unusual does NOT mean Wild.) And yes, probably designs for the experienced – or adventurous – knitter. Designs that someone wants to wear………

Happy Choosing your Knitting,



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