Posted by: GourmetGirl | February 28, 2012


I remember Sundays as a kid.

No sleeping in. Sunday School then Church.

When we got home a roast dinner in the dining room.

Then a day that seemed to go on forever! Yea! At the end of the day: Maverick and The Wonderful World of Disney were watched while we feasted on popcorn and sandwiches from the Sunday roast.

So, my question is: What happen to a day that felt like it went on forever?

Sometimes I can get a feel for that time when I devote a day to just knitting.

I love to spend an entire day knitting. Throw the responsibilities of Mom, Wife, House and the rest of Life in a drawer and KNIT!

The rest of the family will be off doing their thing – I sit and just be in the moment with my knitting. I always feel like I get a lot accomplished with my knitting on those days. Again! A day that seems to go on forever! Yea!

The end of that day still brings the family together with popcorn and sandwiches – or maybe some homemade pizza. And Disney is still on our screen……

Happy Endless Days of Knitting,



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