Posted by: GourmetGirl | March 6, 2012

Knitting Knowledge

We ALL have Knitting Knowledge.

Yes, some have quite a bit more Knitting Knowledge than some others. But even the experienced knitter can gain more Knitting Knowledge.

Many “experienced” knitters believe they do not need to take a class or listen to a knitting speaker. Ok. I, however, do not believe in that line of thought.

Many would say I don’t need to take a class or listen to a knitting speaker. True, I can learn things on my own or draw from my past experience. After all, I have taught classes, designed complicated patterns and written patterns from just seeing a knitted garment. But, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing more for me to learn.

That is what I LOVE about knitting. There is always something more to learn. More to experience. More to give me knitting joy.

Some have heard (or read) me state: “Even a beginning knitter can teach an experienced knitter something – if they are open to listen.”

As a designer, avid knitter, crazy person who knits long lace jackets on size 2 needles; I try to listen more, see what others are doing and thinking. Sometimes a simple thought from a beginning knitter can cause me to think in a different direction or realize an element I am ignoring.

Knitting Knowledge is worth gaining at every level of experience.

I encourage you to work on your Knitting Knowledge.

Happy Knitting! Nancy


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