Posted by: GourmetGirl | March 13, 2012


How many projects do you have on the needles or waiting for those finishing touches?

Are there too many to count?

Have you forgotten about some?

I have all of the above – even finished ones that are ready to put on my website and/or my Ravelry Designer Page!

I added a few to my Ravelry Designer Page that are on my Website this weekend:

Young Victorian – a fun to knit quick bag using bulky yarn with color accents from yarn in my stash. A large cable with bobbles and an I-cord.

Pacific Tides – a scarf that starts at its tip and is continued up ward. Knit it as a scarf or keep knitting for a fabulous shawl!

(Click on their names to see more……)


As I am knitting something that is almost finished, I dream about casting on another project! I fight the urge almost daily!

I also have numerous Hats that I have put on my website and Ravelry Designer page that I have not shared here on my blog.

My favorite out of these newer hats is a fair isle hat that I call My Fair Hat.

What I love about it is the the finishing i-cord touches around the fair isle and the solid but textured top.




Well, I have managed to share a few more of my projects…..

OOO! The cowl is Northern Nights Cowl that is shown with the hat!

I am going to knit now……and hopefully fight that urge to cast on the tangerine linen yarn starring at me!

Happy Knitting,



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