Posted by: GourmetGirl | March 27, 2012

Cast On Styles

How many different types of Cast Ons can you name?

I have met a few that think ONLY the long tail cast on…….

There are always people with any craft that believe there is only one BEST way of accomplishing something. But, believe me there are knitters in another section of the world that have a different cast on that WORKS for them.

To start with: there is the Finger Cast On where a loop is the easiest for a beginner to learn. But it also can be called a Wrap Cast On,  E-Wrap Cast On, or Single Cast On. I have even seen it called a Half-Hitch Cast On. This cast on is great for button holes since it can be used as a type of increase. (And, of course, some may have slight variations to each of these basic cast ons.)

At the present, I mostly use a Knitted Cast On. I have studied the difference between a Long-Tailed Cast On and a Knitted Cast On. I like the look of the Knitted Cast On. It is smoother AND I don’t have to worry how long a tail is! But there are more I have used and even more I should use.

Face it – having a repertoire of different Cast Ons can give better looks and functions to your knitting. Whether you are looking for firm or stretchy, decorative or a great finishing look – any Cast On Method that is knitted, fingered or crocheted is your friend to help you achieve a desired look.

A Cabled Cast On gives sturdiness to your cast on edge. A Purled Cast On can be used with a Knitted Cast On is great for a smoother look at the start of your ribbed section. A Crocheted Cast -On allows you to add to your cast on area for a scooped neck on a top-down sweater. A Provisional Cast On allows you to work in the other direction and yet another type of Provisional Cast On works great for Toe Up knitted socks!

Then there is the Twisted German Cast On or Old Norwegian Cast On that gives a stretchy and neat look for socks started from the top.

A friend told be of a Tubular Cast On that gave a fabulous looking edge. (I will be looking to add that one!)

Decorative? I have used a Picot with my Knitted Cast On. I have also used a Frilled Cast On (and as a Cast Off) to add a “girly” look to an edge.

There are many more than that! It makes me want to stop and do a search……….

Happy Searching for more Cast Ons!



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