Posted by: GourmetGirl | April 3, 2012

Knitting Styles

So… many Knitting Styles are there?


I was in on a conversation this week on teaching a beginning knitting class. Do you teach Picking or Throwing? Continental or English?

Do you call it Picking or Continental? Throwing or English?

Even with the broad sense of the two styles mentioned above, knitters have turned a way of knitting into their own style of knitting. So, it was the general consensus in our conversation that the individual knitter evolves into their own style of knitting. And yes, you may call your style anything you like. Even though you may “throw” the yarn over the needle with your left finger – you can call your “style” of knitting Continental – if that makes you happy. It may not be correct in the technical sense – but HEY! You are the one knitting your own way and you are the only one that makes yourself Happy!

You have the ability to wrap that yarn around your finger(s) as many times as you like – with which ever hand you like! Then scoop, pick or throw to your hearts content! And when you want to throw in a little fun: throw it around your neck and learn the Portuguese Style! And if it is too hot for that – make your own pin to hold the yarn! (Sorry, Joan, you know I love the !!!!!)

Some parts of the world twist the yarn one direction, then untwist it on the other side. Others can manipulate the stitches so they knit every stitch and come out with a variety of patterns.

Cool? Huh?

Well, Knitting is Cool – and is very individualist. Please remember that!

Happy Knitting Your Way in Your Style,



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