Posted by: GourmetGirl | April 10, 2012

Errors, Corrections, Erratas……..

How ever you say it, when it comes to knitting, every knitter hopes not to encounter Errors, Corrections, Erratas……..

Not only in their own work, but in the pattern they are following.

Unfortunately it is part of knitting. And some may say: More now than ever!

I know from my own personal experience, it happens more frequently than I would like. I, like you, are human. I make mistakes. I try to find them – but that doesn’t always work.

I have had many knitters knit a pattern for me before it goes to publication. It is a great way to catch errors. But, sometimes those errors go undetected and are published. Then even worse, the errors continue at the publications end and more errors are added on that end!

Everyone’s brain works a bit differently. So, explaining a pattern – especially a more complicated pattern – some will follow and some will be lost. Even someone who is a great knitter can get lost!

On several of my Top-Down patterns, I have a different method for increasing. I do not like the hard edge of raglans and I came up with the idea of spreading the increases out from the markered area. This has really thrown some for a loop! They don’t understand or cannot imagine why I would write the increases that way – so they dismiss the increased area and go back to what they are comfortable with.

That is okay with me – after-all, it is their knitting project and they are free to take it the direction they want.

So, back to Errors, Corrections, Erratas: I have gotten better at pattern writing – and hopefully, detecting errors and confusing pattern writing. I toy with the idea of re-writing some of my old patterns….. Should I? or Should I continue to move forward?

I am sure some will be re-written and others will stand on their own.

Happy Errors, Corrections, Erratas…….May you find a path around them!



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