Posted by: GourmetGirl | May 8, 2012

New Lace

I have put 2 new lace projects on my Website and on Ravelry.

Western Shores is a lace scarf that can be knit with one skein – or more skeins can be added to turn it into a shawl.

I posted about scarves turning into shawls a couple of weeks ago. As I said there – I love to give options in my patterns. I especially love when a knitter is able to take a pattern and make it for their specific needs and wants.

Lacy Macy was inspired by Macy our female ferret. Tough and girly all at the same time!

Having a lace shawl made from sock yarn makes the shawl durable. Which is ideal to have to throw in the car or stuff in a bag – or even drape over your purse. All ready for when you need something to drape over your shoulders when you become chilly.

Of course you can easily wear it to a baseball game or picnic and not worry about getting it dirty. It is sock yarn! Durable and Washable.

Have fun with lace! Download the patterns and have some fun…….(click on the names for a direct link.)

Happy Knitting, Nancy



  1. I love both of these! What a great idea to keep a shawl in the car for that unexpected chill.

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