Posted by: GourmetGirl | May 15, 2012


Are you a Lacer?

Someone who loves the yarn overs and knitting 2 together?

Lace can give a different perspective to your knitting. It can work with heavy yarns – and, of course, lace weight yarns – and all weight yarns in between.

Mistakes can be easily hidden in lace patterns. Mistakes are also easier made in lace – thank goodness it is even easier to hide the mistake!

A friend of mine – and you know who you are! – claims she cannot work lace because she has too many dogs wanting into and around her knitting. I say: work lace on bulky yarn!

Yes, a yarn over is a prime spot for a run away puppy to take your yarn across the room. (Have you ever seen my Rikki dart across the room with yarn!?)

Wait a minute – a frisky cat could be worse………..

I don’t know – Rikki is probably faster.

Back to Lace. I encourage you to try some lace.

A great first lace project is my Autumn Splendor Scarf. Grab some heavier yarn, loosen your tension and go for it! Download it Here.

Be “Rikki-Wild” for LACE.

Happy Days of Knitting Lace,



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