Posted by: GourmetGirl | May 29, 2012


I have been teaching a lot lately……

You will never guess what has been the top choice for a class – beginning crochet!

Has there been a resurgence in the craft? Even Vogue Knitting has a special issue out that is all about crochet. They state that almost 70 percent of their readers crochet.

I crochet but, I left crochet for knitting years ago. I use crochet in my knitting now and then. Crochet makes wonderful edges and trims.

So the big question to me is: Should I incorporate more crochet in my patterns?

Being the type of person who cannot just practice crocheting, I turned beginning crochet into a project – a beginning crochet bag. I take the crocheter through the beginning stitches to turn their new craft into something.

Single crochet on the bottom (for sturdiness). Double crochet on the sides. And of course the ever so popular granny’s square as the focal point. Add a strap, buttons and a simple flower……….

With this pattern I also start with lots of directions then slowly take away the words to finally show how a “pattern” will read. All to help the beginner understand.

You can download the pattern here – if you want to explore your crochet.

I also created another crochet pattern that is scheduled for a class in June! More on that another time……..

Happy Fiber Crafting!



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