Posted by: GourmetGirl | June 5, 2012

Barcelona Lace

Seven different lace patterns in a long flowing jacket…….

I am one of those crazy knitters that tackles long jackets.

Barcelona Lace, I designed and knitted, is a long lace jacket out of Cascade Yarn’s Veneza Sport. The yarn is 70% Merino Wool and 30% Mulberry Silk. And it feels light, soft and absolutely fabulous.

The drape on this piece is amazing!

Barcelona Lace is perfect to put on when you want something to keep you warm – but not too warm. It is surprisingly light to wear.

I actually love to put it on with my pajamas to wear around the house!

If you are crazy too, you can download the pattern here.

Of course, there are options in the pattern and you can always choose to not knit the lace patterns under the arms not as long.

Knitted from the top-down, the pattern includes written instructions as well as charts.

No seaming is great,and being able to try it on as you work the piece will give you exactly what you want for this jacket.

The lace patterns all flow together to make them easy to knit at the same time.

The design shown is a size 36 and I barely went into the 8th skein.

Cascade has such great pricing you will be jumping for joy.

Happy Knitting,



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