Posted by: GourmetGirl | June 12, 2012


Summer is the time of year when most knitting slows down.

There is more outside activities, kids are out of school and the beach, pool or lake is calling your name.

It is a great time to pick up a book or a magazine. So, let’s talk about knitting books. I have quite a few.

Stitch pattern books probably take up the most of my collection. Of course, there are the 4 Treasury books by Barbara Walker – a wealth of pattern stitches to choose from. I have several Vogue Knitting and Interweave stitch pattern books that I use quite a bit, too. A couple of stitch pattern books, that I just happened to find, have proven to be good for reference and are easy to stick in a travel bag.

I have numerous books devoted to cables. A Vogue knitting one is my favorite. Others I love: Two by Melissa Leapman. One by Lilly Chinn.

Alice Starmore’s Fair Isle Knitting book is so complete, I have no need for another devoted just to Fair Isle.

The designer I have the most books by is Nicky Epstein. Reference books like her edging series, embellishments, felting, etc., etc., etc.

Now I have started to collect her other books. Knitting on Top of the World is one of my favorites and her most recent, Knitting in Tuscany.

Both of these books I would recommend to add to your summer reading list. Knitting on Top of the World is full of knitting history. Knitting in Tuscany has knitting shops, restaurants, and places to visit. It will make you want to book a flight to see it all in person. Nicky Epstein has a delightful personality and it can be felt in her writing about her travels through Italy.

Here is a Goal: Pick up a knitting book and read!

Happy Knitting Book Reading,


P.S. I am patiently waiting for Merike Saarniit’s book on Estonian Knitting………



  1. I love Knitting in Tuscany. We spent 3 weeks in Italy last Sept. and I knit the Tuscan Sun Shawl during the trip. It was a perfect portable knit. We enjoyed seeing the places in Nicky’s book. It is a great read!

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