Posted by: GourmetGirl | June 19, 2012

Worth the Repeat

A year and a half ago I did a series on Responsible Knitting. I believe it is worth a Repeat:

Responsible Knitting I

European magazines have less directions than American magazines. You must be a responsible knitter to knit their patterns.

Responsible knitting is from several forms of knowing your craft. It is beyond seeing your stitches.

Knitting Responsibly is knowing what you want for your finial out come – sleeve size and length, body size and length, etc. I wrote last week about knowing your numbers.

Standard Body Charts are there to help you. But, do they help? I my opinion – not really. I pulled a design book out of my knitting library, measured my measurements following the diagrams given. I then went to the charted area to see where the recommended numbers were for me.

Well, I was all over the place! Bust, you would think would be the starting point. No – only if I wanted a baggy around the house sweater. My hip measurement was the only number that put me in the category for the sweater size I find fits me best – 32. Sleeve length had me in the 48-54 sweater group. Waist in the 36-38 group. Arm hole depth –  48-50.

So! I encourage you to measure and see where you are in the standard chart. Then take a sweater – store bought or hand knitted – that fits you well, and measure that and see where those measurements fit you best. (You can even measure two or more sweaters.)

I have found that the knitting standard charts and the knitting “standard” recommendation are not the same as what ready made garments follow. Hmmmm. Especially in the arm hole category.

I pulled out a book of a famous knitwear designer and looked at one of her top down designs. There actually was a close up of the raglan area and showed the under arm. It was tight up against the model’s arm pit and looked like it was pulling and very snug. Not a comfortable fit in my opinion.

Ravelry is full of knitter’s redesigning pattern designs. Maybe Americans are ready for more responsible knitting!

More on responsible knitting next week.

Until then – Happy Knitting,




  1. Love it Nancy!

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