Posted by: GourmetGirl | July 10, 2012

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My most read post is on “Picking and Throwing”……..

Why? Is it because so many knitters are trying to figure out if they “pick, throw, scoop or wrap” their yarn? Are many looking for what to call their own individual “style” of knitting?

I also recently wrote about “Knitting Styles”. Which is really about “Picking and Throwing”. I believe we all create our own “Style” of knitting. It may or may not be like another knitter’s style of knitting.

As humans we have been knitting for thousands of years. As we have evolved in our knitting, it has been decoration, warmth and style that has driven the needles to Knit, Purl and Yarn Over.

In today’s world, is knitting a “Craft or Hobby” for you? Probably. Most do not knit to save money – that’s for sure! But, you might knit for “Style or Decoration”………

Hmmm, Knitting for Style or Decoration. I like that.

Knitting is just a combination of knits, purls and yarn overs – which in today’s age is for Style and Decoration.

Maybe we shouldn’t think of our knitting as “Picking or Throwing” but as our own individual “Style” of knitting to create unique “Decoration”.

Yes, I like that idea!

I will leave you to ponder the best Style for you to Decorate your life……….

Happy Knitting,



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