Posted by: GourmetGirl | July 17, 2012

Knitting for Style or Decoration

Knitting for Style or Decoration.

I did state that I like that. It is the Style or Decoration of a piece of knitwear that will grab my attention.

It could also be a fabulous stitch pattern – but that really is determined by the  way in which the designer has used that stitch pattern. Is it used as decoration or does it create the overall style of the piece?

Yarn can also be a big part of grabbing my attention. The yarn used can accentuate the stitch pattern and play a big part of the overall style of the piece. Bulky yarn needs to be treated differently than worsted or fingerling.

There are so many determining factors that create amazing pieces of knitwear. And there are so many people trying their hand at designing these days. Some of those pieces are quite stunning!

For a knitter to choose a design that has the right style or decoration for their size and personality is only the start. The color, weight and feel of the yarn is a large element of final success also.

Then let us not forget about Knitting Responsibly! (You can click on the link to read all 4 Knitting Responsibly posts – You can also start with the post before – Running the Numbers – that started it all……)

Being a Responsible Knitter, knowing your craft and choosing your design and yarn well leads to a Happy Knitter. It doesn’t happen over night and it requires patience and diligence.

It is a journey that is delightful.

Happy Knitting,



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