Posted by: GourmetGirl | July 24, 2012

Beginning Knitters

There are times, when teaching, it is a struggle to find the path the beginning knitter feels most comfortable. Some knitters need a lot of patience and guidance. After their class is over, I hope they have learned enough to keep them practicing.

This last Saturday I had a delightful duo of beginning knitters to teach!

One was a crocheter wanting to learn to knit, and the other a hobby junkie with a passion to learn to knit. Not knowing each other, they both absorbed and learned the craft at an amazing speed.

For me, it was a delight to watch them cast on and knit! They even started to learn to see their mistakes. (A huge step for any knitter.) Unlike other beginning knitter’s, I showed how I corrected their mistakes. – There was light and understanding!

We even moved onto the purl stitch!!!

They parted our Local Yarn Shop excited to keep practicing and both signed up to take another class with each other. I can hardly wait to see what they learn next!

Beginning Knitters that are excited to learn how to read a pattern and jump into the Wonderful World of Knitting! It is something that excites me.

I wish for all knitter’s to have that kind of excitement to keep learning their craft.

Happy Knitting,



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