Posted by: GourmetGirl | August 7, 2012


Are you planning your fall and winter knitting projects?

Gifts? Are you planning any knitted gifts?

Field Trips? Maybe you are planning a field trip to a yarn store or sheep sheering. Some of those little guys are so cute, I just want to take one home with me!

As for my own planning, I have some finishing of a few projects:

1. Line a finished bag – add a few sparkles to it.

2. Finish a scarf that has fun dangle-lees (that’s a word – right?).

3. Rework a previous design to adapt a new finish. (a Christmas Project).

4. Knit the last of a rib on a Shawl.

5. Finish an idea for a New Year’s Eve bag……….

I have been distracted with other life happenings and I need to get back on track with my projects. I am a planner – so Planning is the way I start. And one of the best things for me is to make a list!

I have shared my planning list with you…… list to remind me to keep on track with finishing projects………..

Did I mention the socks I am knitting or the two sweaters sitting in front of my knitting chair? Well they are not on my top 5 list. I guess I will need another Planning list for those. It will be fall soon – more time to knit.

I think I’ll go outside and enjoy a bit of summer. I can knit later……

Happy Knitting,



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