Posted by: GourmetGirl | August 28, 2012


I have written about Errata, Corrections, and errors……….

Poorly written patterns – isn’t that Errata, too?

It can be to a knitter, who falls in love with a pattern, buys the exact yarn that the pattern suggests, gets all excited at casting on – then comes to a screeching halt when they don’t know what to do next.

They tink, they try again, rip, try again, read again, rip again, they search for errata on-line and there is no help to be found.  Everyone has been there.

What is even sadder is when an advanced knitter can’t figure it out!

That is what happened this week at my Local Yarn Shop: Beautiful new yarn was purchased with it’s pattern from the yarn company – by two women. One an advanced knitter the second a determined beginner/intermediate (on her way to becoming advanced).

Both ran home in excitement to cast on! Then both came running back for help.

The pattern was so poorly written, even the advanced knitter could not get past row 3!

After the pattern was deciphered and hearing that important information left out (on every row), the advanced knitter at once was able to continue, and then could help explain, to the second knitter, the errors.

I was asked to re-write the pattern so others would not fall down into the pit of rotten patterns…..

I moved along re-writing until in the middle of the pattern – even more of a mess!

I was able to team up with a teacher from a yarn shop an hour south of me to banter back and forth about the pattern. She was asked to knit the pattern (as is) for the shop and to be able to teach and/or help others with the pattern.

The consensus? We are waiting for her to be at the “even more of a mess” part. Then maybe with both of us putting our heads together, we will better be able to know what is to actually happen in the pattern!

Now, I could just re-write. But, her local yarn shop owner wants it as intended by the designer. Will we actually ever know? (So far no word on that front – except from the yarn company: ‘There is no Errata on this pattern.”)


But, never fear! You are not alone!

Happy Knitting,




  1. Loved what you had to say. Hope all the yarn companies read this blog! Who waits until Row 36 to tell you to place a marker!!!!!!

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