Posted by: GourmetGirl | September 4, 2012

The Cycle?

Last week I wrote about a poorly written pattern.

It seems like there are a large number of poorly written patterns out there for knitters to be frustrated with – free patterns and purchased patterns.

There are more “designers” now than ever. But just because someone can “design” does not mean they can write a pattern.

Everyone can make errors in a pattern. But, there is a huge difference between an error in a pattern and the whole pattern being one big error. There are standards a designer should follow when writing a pattern. (I wrote about these in a series of posts – Conforming in Knitting – click Here to read the first one…….)

I had a conversation, with the Advanced Knitter mentioned in my previous post, about the number of poorly written patterns. You can find poorly written patterns from Yarn Companies, Magazines, on-line Magazines and yes, even books.

Why? Is it the mad rush for continual sells? Don’t most knitter’s fill their closets with enough stash? Is it companies fighting for as much of the “pie” that they can grab? Is there no moral conscience to offer quality designs with quality in the written pattern?

It was mentioned that this is a cycle that has happened before. Knitter’s were taken down the path of patterns that ended up too big or horribly small with their out come.

So, if this is a cycle  of  “just the way it is” with the knitting world – shouldn’t it all come back to being a responsible knitter?

(click Here for my last post on this series of Conforming or Is it Being a Responsible Knitter)

It does all come back to the need for being a Responsible Knitter…….

Happy Knitting Responsibly,



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