Posted by: GourmetGirl | October 2, 2012

Lifetime of Joy!

Knitting is a Lifetime of Joy – so don’t be in a rush!

Don’t rush to be finished with your project.

Don’t rush and miss the joy of your journey.

I know it can seem that there are too many projects, too many beautiful yarns and NOT ENOUGH TIME! I feel that way all the time….

But, rushing through a project is like rushing through life – you might miss something important.

Even if the project is simple for you, ask yourself what can I learn?

Since you have the time – can you see the stitches you are working? Can you see the progression of yarn and how it works with the twists and turns? Can you see the size of your stitches with the yarn and needles you choose?

Gauge. Yes, I am going back to gauge.

Gauge is so important. How many stitches are in an inch? You may think that an extra stitch makes no difference. Or you may not care because it is a shawl. A shawl is the perfect place to care about gauge! Learn that if you are off on your gauge that the size of your piece changes drastically.

You may not be ready to knit a pullover or cardigan – but you can start the necessary learning so your 1st fitted project is something you want to wear. An extra 4 inches wide on a shawl is not noticeable – it is HUGE when sizing a sweater.

So, let’s say (for my sake) that you knitted your swatch and you believe you have “gauge”. Cast on, work your project for several inches then measure your piece to see if your width matches the pattern measurement.

Many times your gauge changes when you knit more stitches. Sometimes it is you relaxing, sometimes the yarn reacts differently with the weight of the multitude of stitches. Measuring your piece and finding out your sweater front is 4 inches wider that you wanted is far better at this point than when you are finished and you find it out when try your sweater on.

It is NOT the end of your world to rip out 2 or 3 inches, change to smaller needles and repeat the cast on process again. By not rushing you can bring yourself joy in the finial out come of your knitted piece.

Happy Knitting Joy,



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