Posted by: GourmetGirl | November 6, 2012


Mozart wrote his first symphony at the age of four. Many knitters learn around the age of ten and start with the garter stitch. We don’t add a string section (yarn overs) until we are much older.

The Art of Making Extraordinary Stitches takes time and practice. The knitter must have the desire to take the necessary steps to improve the craft.

Learning to purl, learning to fix mistakes. Not being afraid to rip.

I remember the first time I ripped out a whole section of work. I laid the knitting out on the wood floor in natural light picking up one stitch at a time. I am sure I held my breath as I carefully slid each stitch back onto the needle.

I was in my thirties.

Before that I always dabbled at knitting. I would get frustrated at the dropped or added stitches in my work. It was once I learned to look at my work and see my mistakes that the love of knitting came into my life.

I cannot remember the progression my knitting took. The bin in my closet that is full of too big sweaters and wildly bright ponchos is part of my learning.

I am still learning.

Knits. Purls. Yarn Overs. That’s all knitting is. The combinations are endless. Cables, lace, cables & lace, intarsia, fair isle, and fiendishly difficult stitches.

These three simple moves with sticks and string create Extraordinary Stitches.

I would like to encourage you to make the next move in your knitting. Drop a stitch and see it unravel. Cable or work lace for the first time. Choose a pattern beyond your skill level and make it your own.

Take the Art of Making Extraordinary Stitches and make your symphony in yarn.

Happy Knitting, Nancy



  1. Being a musician and a Knitter, your blog struck the right note with me today. Love your designs. Love your blog.

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