Posted by: GourmetGirl | November 13, 2012

Holiday Time

The time is here when knitting can take a back seat to other things going on. The days seem to start earlier and end later.

In my house there is baking of cookies and other treats. There are also outings planned to shop or extra practices for up-coming concerts.

It is a time of year full of traditions and happy times spent with family and friends.

Knitting? Is there time to sit and work a few row?

I am working on a jacket inspired by a class I took this last spring with Jean Frost. I have taken several classes with Jean Frost. She is a master at using incredible stitches to create jackets that look anything but knitted.

Couture Stitches. The class was about jackets by Channel and other designers, using the right stitch patterns to create your own Haute Couture.

I found fabulous yarn have chosen a stitch pattern and have completed around 18 rows.

My goal is to wear the jacket January 11th at the Symphony.

Will I meet my goal? I have knitted projects in less time – but with all the extra activities? I will keep you posted.

Happy Holiday Time and Happy Knitting,



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