Posted by: GourmetGirl | December 4, 2012

Knitting Help

Knitting Help in today’s internet world is easy to obtain 24/7.

I even have emailed a knitter on a Sunday morning!

I check my E-mail, Blog and Ravelry  every day. Sometime only once a day – usually between 6:30 and 7 am Eastern Time. If I am sitting in my “knitting chair” I will get up when I hear that famous “ding“. If I am out or have other things taking up the majority of my day, I will not look at my computer until the next morning.

I try to look at it every 24 hours. Once in awhile it will be stretched to 30 hours.

Urban Flats from the book Cable Ready

My most recent help is one all to familiar with patterns that have undergone the eye of a tech editor. (I have blogged about this before.)

Technical Editors are hired by the magazine. Their job is to run the numbers and make sure there are no pattern errors. They also are expected to follow a format and style set down by the magazine. They usually only have a copy of the pattern.

It is very rare for them to have the actual knitted project to see and touch. A difficult job and they get paid well for their knowledge and skill.

Making their job more frustrating is when the pattern has already been looked at by other tech editors. They get stuck and hand if off to someone more skilled. So, the advanced pattern has been diluted before they even read it.

To add injury to the pattern, they must change the format and the style of the pattern to fit what the magazine or book publishers have set down in stone. These tech editors have not worked the project and sometimes are blind to how easy the pattern can be worked up. They take out a sentence here and add a different sentence there – changing the easy wording of the pattern.

Which leads me back to the help I give time and time again for a pattern of mine that has been published: I send my original pattern to the knitter and wala! what was once confusing is now clear and easy to follow.

I would never be so conceded to ever think that my patterns are error free or that the wording that I write down is the best. Just know that when you are working a pattern that is from a book or magazine – it may have been the tech editor that has caused you grief and confusion – and there is help available thanks to the internet.

Happy Knitting, Nancy


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