Posted by: GourmetGirl | December 18, 2012

Peyton’s Scarf

Circular scarves are all over this year.

But, I don’t particularly want a scarf  snug around my neck while inside, so, as a knitter, I can have what ever I want! 🙂100_5008

I created Peyton’s Scarf out of one skein of sock yarn. Sock yarn so it is washable and durable. I chose a variegated blue pattern to go with jeans – Kollage Yarn’s Sock-o-licious.

This circular scarf is thin and long. I am able to wrap it twice for a long look or a third wrap for a look that is closer around my neck.

You can find the pattern Here.

There are also directions for the scarf to be wider and shorter for a closer around the neck wear.100_5012

I love that we have options!

Happy Knitting and Happy Having It Your Way,




  1. I like this.  Like the name, too.  Looks like a perfect Florida scarf.



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