Posted by: GourmetGirl | January 14, 2013


Everyone handles problems differently.

I try and take a deep breath (maybe to calm myself?), and proceed to resolve what is in front of me.

In knitting, problems arise and I try to think of it as therapy. A different space to figure out how to correct the problem.images-2

If my yarn gets all tangled up….a puzzle to solve.

An error in a pattern, feeling bad if it is my pattern, another puzzle to solve if it is someone else’s pattern.

images-3Internet problems, well that is one problem I feel powerless to correct. My website has been down the last couple of days. A blank white page and nothing I can do but wait. Usually, my web guys jump onto the problem. But, sometimes they are “having a life” and do not get to my problems as fast.

So, I am taking the time to apologize for any inconveniences my website being down has caused – in maybe helping you to fix a problem, or in the missed opportunity for a pattern or for any other reason.

I am taking another deep breath and going back to my knitting…….

Happy Knitting,



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