Posted by: GourmetGirl | February 5, 2013

Local Yarn Shop

Not every knitter is fortunate to have a Local Yarn Shop close by.

Some must travel a bit.

Today I visited one of my favorite shops – but I had to travel about 75 minutes to walk into the bustling, very friendly shop.

I met a friend that lives about 90 minutes in the opposite direction.

We spent so much time wandering the shop – we stopped to have in-depth conversations, of course. And, of course, helped each other pick out yarn. I stopped at two projects – hard to do when there are so many top quality yarns in one store!100_5058

I read in a Vogue Letter from the editor that we should never leave a yarn store without buying something to support the shop. Many times today there was a line at the cash register. So there was no problem for many knitters purchasing to support this Local Yarn Store!

There were many workers to help the shoppers. I even gladly gave yardage advice to a shopper (I think she thought I worked there).

One helper seemed to be “stationed” at the big table by the window with the sole purpose of helping any who needed help on their knitting. Several others, to help customers choose projects and another stationed by the cash register. The owner jumped in to help where ever needed and I saw her male counterpart in the office doing paper work.

Classes were going on everywhere. Even one class was stationed on a couch in the shop.

Fabulous, Fabulous shop!

I wish for every knit shop this type of success. I am a believer that this success comes from the attitudes of the workers there – which, of course, starts with the owner.

My friend and I plan on meeting there again next month. Yea! More knitting fun!

Maybe next time I will actually knit!

Happy Knitting,




  1. I have to agree with your conclusion, the success of a LYS begins when the owner LOVES what they do. We have two LYS in my town, you can’t drag me to one of them. But the new one. I’ll go in just to say hello, but who can leave without beautiful yarn.

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