Posted by: GourmetGirl | February 26, 2013

10 Row Increase Sequence

increasesIf you have knitted one of my top-down sweaters, chances are you have worked my 10 Row Increase Sequence.

It really throws some knitters for a loop. – I guess because it is something so unexpected in a top-down sweater pattern? Some just work the raglan increase that they feel comfortable with. I am totally fine with that. I feel every knitter should be responsible and change a pattern to fit their needs wishes and desires.

I  worked many a top-down sweater changing the increases to try and be happy with the “look” of those increases.

I wanted a change in the increases, because I didn’t like the typical “raglan line” that is standard. In fact, for a while, I tried to not refer to my top-down sweater’s as being “raglan” at all! I wanted – and still want – them to be innovative and different.

My 10 Row Increase Sequence spreads the increases out into more of a fan look. Many a tech editor has tried to change my 10 Row Increase Sequence by changing the type of M1 (Make One) – especially the slant. I find, if you work a lifted increase, not only does it make the increase the most invisible, there is no need for a left and right increase! Besides a left slanting lifted increase takes too much monkeying around to make it worth the time.

TD ArtAs I am trying to publish more Videos on my YouTube Channel, I have recently added what I am calling an Overview of my 10 Row Increase Sequence to help knitter’s out. While I don’t actually show the increases by knitting, I hopefully help with the understanding of the increases while the knitter has one of my pattern’s in-front of them.

My YouTube Channel is “Nancy Rieck” and you can go directly to my Overview of my 10 Row Increase Sequence Here.

Happy Knitting, Nancy

(Click on the picture above to link to  My Basic Top-Down Pattern.)



  1. It appears you always use a right lifted increase, correct?

    • Yes, Like Elizabeth Zimmerman, I too think it is the only increase to use!

  2. Wonderful job with the video! Looking forward to more.

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