Posted by: GourmetGirl | April 9, 2013

Provisional Cast On

Cool_Pools_of_WaterThere are several types of Provisional Cast Ons.

I like to use the Crocheted Temporary Cast On – for several reasons.

1. It is quick and easy.

2. I can shape necks.

Shaping a neck for a top-down sweater is easily accomplished by using a Crocheted Temporary Cast-On.

New stitches can be added on each row to allow the shape of the neck to form. Afterwards the stitches can be placed on needles to work the ribbing and/or collar for the piece.

Cool Pools of Water is an example of a design that uses this technique.

View my newest YouTube Video  Here to view a Mini Class on this Technique.

I try and keep my Mini Classes Short to allow you to have an overview of the technique. Some Mini Classes will have an In-depth View of the technique to help explain more.

100_4171Bannisters for the Summer is another way to use a Temporary Cast On. For this design the shoulders are grafted together using the Kitchener Stitch.

Take the Crocheted Temporary Cast On out for a spin.

It will open up a new world of knitting uses for you!

Happy Knitting,



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