Posted by: GourmetGirl | May 14, 2013

Finishing Projects

images-1At the present I have two finished projects that have been photographed and their patterns up loaded onto my website. A Coco Channel inspired jacket and a linen lace tank (Finally!)

I also have two more finished projects that are waiting for photos. A cotton shawl and a fun summer wrap.

Then there is the almost finished projects: a fine weight lace scarf (to dress up with) and a springtime sweater that has about two more inches of easy knitting (I’d like to be wearing it now!).

There are also three Christmas projects that didn’t quite get finished in time for last year……:)   They are now on the Christmas in July list.

Then there is the project that has my current interest: a cap sleeved light-weight summer sweater. And we cannot forget the not-yet- started projects that are torturing me to start them!

The finishing of projects that is the toughest for me is the Technology Part. Technology is wonderful – but is way too time consuming!  I rather be knitting! dock

Technology that I have been fighting: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Linked In…… Have I forgot something?

Okay, I think I am about to give in to the Facebook part. I have been convinced that it may be time for a Knitting Gourmet facebook account!

Ways to keep in-touch………

I am leaving the computer now. Yes, you guessed it. To Knit!

Happy Knitting, Nancy


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