Posted by: GourmetGirl | June 4, 2013

Travel Knitting

We all have been in on conversations and maybe even told some of our own Travel Knitting Stories.

Especially when using a plane to travel.

I recently traveled using a plane. All the while packing for this trip, I thought of stories of needles being taken and stitches lost. The worst was a woman who was visited by the Marshall on the plane!20130513_072431

But, what was most in my mind was a woman that told the story of how when questioned about her needles (in multiple countries) she just tells the TSA agent that they are approved on the TSA website. She also said her husband then rolls his eyes states “Here we go again”!

The TSA agent(s) then returns and says, “Yes, Ma’am, go right on through”.

I, however, didn’t want to take the chance of either of the stories happening to me – so I went to the TSA website and printed the page that states knitting needles are on the approved list.

No printed page was needed and I went through security with out the slightest hiccup! (Except for some embellishments on my pants…..)

I didn’t encounter anything special to add to the Travel Knitting Stories list – just smooth knitting!

Happy Travel Knitting,Unknown




  1. Looking good! Have fun. I will be having that same conversation with TSA in a couple of days 🙂

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