Posted by: GourmetGirl | July 9, 2013

A Lesson in Patience

I teach many knitters. Some grasp new knitting concepts easily. Some not so easily.

The not so easily, of course, require more patience from me. And what really requires the most patience is when teaching my own Mother.

Chuckle, as most will, but any daughter knows the amount of patience it requires when interacting with any aging parent.

Some of you may recall that I stole my first knitting needles from my Mother’s unused stash of knitting items. My Mother’s 1st ever knitting project was Argyle Socks! It was for a college formal, where all attending learned to knit a pair of argyle socks to give to their date. She went on to knit other items – including sweaters.

Several years ago, I talked my Mother into knitting again. I helped her with non-beginner patterns. She even knit several of the Helmet Liners for a local unit. Admittedly, I clarified the pattern she was given and helped her recall different knitting moves she had not worked in the last 40 years.

100_5101I designed Donna’s Lace Shawl for her to knit an easy shawl that looks much more difficult than it is to knit. After a rib section, the 4 row lace pattern only has one row of yarn overs and knit togethers. It is a fabulous looking shawl!

What has she moved on to?

She has a poncho that she loves, so I have created a pattern for her to knit. We have copied the original poncho, but decided to add a cable section down the front for interest. She has worked cable patterns before – 40 plus years ago – so at 78 she is “re-learning”.  The poncho also has a temporary crocheted cast on – a totally new concept for her – as well as increasing stitches around markers for this top-down piece!


The moral to this story?

It took much patience to walk her through a new knitting concept. But even more important for others out there wanting to learn something new: If a 78 year old woman can learn new knitting techniques, YOU CAN TOO!

Happy New Knitting!



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