Posted by: GourmetGirl | July 30, 2013

Island Wrap

Sometimes a wrap that is light and pretty is all that is needed to keep a cool breeze or a bit of cold AC from making a chill.

If you love a wrap with interest – Island Wrap is a great knit!100_5128

For a mere 300 yards you can be on your way to “Wrap Bliss”.

Open lacework and decorative patterned lacework are charted out to get you started. With a little attention to the progression of the pattern repeat, most will figure out quickly how the pattern stitches increase and the two lace patterns repeat.

There are written instructions to lead you along – but don’t be afraid – lace is forgiving, as yarn overs forgotten can be easily added on the next row.

Once completed and blocked, ribbon yarn is woven in and out of open yarn overs to give extra attraction to Island Wrap. This wrap is just as special without the ribbon yarn and I encourage the adventurous to knit this up and keep the pattern going for a larger Shawl.

Hmmmmm! Maybe I have 600 yards in my closet to do just that!

Happy Knitting,



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