Posted by: GourmetGirl | August 27, 2013


Never say Never is a phrase that I like to say. I have stated it many times and it definitely applies to raising teenagers!

My 14 year old daughter has asked me to knit two – I am saying 2! – pieces of knitwear for her!

One of them she could knit herself. a simple 3 x 3 ribbed scarf that is 21 inches in the round. But, yes, Mom can whip it up in less than a week. She found an outfit on Pintrest that some girl put together and the finishing touch is a tweed looking cowl scarf that is knitted. Whether or not it is hand knitted is unknown. But, I would say it would be a good guess.

The other: A big baggy knitted cardigan. Here is the photo she found.image00135509519003615s084

The part I must laugh at: “Mom, can you have the cardigan finished for the 1st day of school”? This was said the week before school started.

Now that I have you rolling on the floor laughing, I will continue telling this unbelievable knitting story.

She wants it in cream, so, we went shopping in my stash closet. I had an unopened bag of 10 cream skeins of Arcadia from Cascade Yarns. I LOVE this yarn! Number One: It is sadly a discontinued yarn. Number Two: I will be using most likely all the skeins. Number 3: Refer back to Number One.

We found a great looking pattern stitch. I have swatched, and with with her suggestion dropped down one needle size – US 3/3,25mm. Charts have been made and corrected and corrected. (Increases and picking up stitches at the same time with top down knitwear takes lots of calculations.)

My charting program also provides written instructions. (I just wish it would write in the repeats.) I had the neck band and about 20 rows completed then it was ripped back to increase the back stitches.

Hmmmm! About 10 hours at the least put into this “How fast can you make it, Mom”? project. Time to start over!

Keep laughing and I’ll keep knitting and promise to keep you up-dated!

Happy Unbelievable Knitting,


P.S. I am back back posting every Tuesday now that summer break is over!


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