Posted by: GourmetGirl | September 3, 2013

Cowl Project

As you probably have guessed, I have finished the 3 x 3 ribbed cowl my teenage daughter requested I knit.100_5144

This Cowl Project is worth telling about for several reasons. One: It is a short and easy project. (Free Cowl Pattern Below). Two: It is a great example of yarn vs skein information. Three: I started out hating this yarn, and now LOVE it!

Starting with Number 3 and working backwards: For this Cowl Knitting Project, I searched different favorite yarn websites to hunt for a yarn that would be in color and texture as the photo my daughter found. I first searched worsted weight. Then heavy worsted weight. I didn’t want the yarn to be too light of weight. The photo looked in the worsted weight family and I didn’t want the 3 x 3 rib to look small.

Finding Rowan Yarn’s Summer Tweed seemed like a perfect fit. The information stated was Heavy Worsted, 4 stitches to the inch in stockinette stitch on US 8/5mm, 131 yards / 120 m. At $10.95, it is a price I was willing to pay for a One Skein Knitting Project. Perfect! Knowing that colors on a computer are not always accurate, we chose two different colors.

The skeins of yarn arrived in a few days, one of the colors was an identical match to please my teenager.

Cascade Heathers 220 (Left) Rowan Summer Tweed (Right)

Cascade Heathers 220 (Left)
Rowan Summer Tweed (Right)

Number Two: Knowing that the skein information said US 8/5mm, I figured I would be grabbing my US 6/4.25 sixteen inch circular needles. NO! Looking at the yarn and holding it between two fingers told me this was NOT a heavy worsted weight yarn. It was closer to a LIGHT worsted weight yarn! (I consider Cascade Heather 220 a light worsted weight.)

Not being daunted, I grabbed US size 4/3.5mm needles, casting on with a Slip Knot Cast On, to swatch for gauge.

Number Three: It was horrible! The yarn grabbed and would not allow for an easy cast on! I should mention now, the yarn’s fiber content – 70% Silk, 30% Cotton. Being tweed and the high content of silk in the yarn did not make the Slip Knot Cast On go smoothly. I continued the swatch thinking it was going to be a LONG simple project.

Back to Number Two: Who would ever believe that I would get 4 stitches to the inch on US size 4/3.5mm needles?!? (In Stockinette St.) But, I did. It must be something to do with the tweed/silk/cotton thing going on. Not only did I get 4 stitches to the inch, it is not a tight looking stitch!

Moral to the story of Number Two: Do NOT take for granted what the information states on the skein. Take your time to swatch – especially with smaller needles.

Number One: With a Knitted Cast On or one of your choice, CO 96 sts, being careful not to twist, place a marker and join in the round. *K3, p3,* around. Work approximately 8 inches and BO following the rib pattern with needles two sizes larger.

A side note about the cast on: I was not about to torture myself with the Slip Knot Cast On, I found that I did not need a super stretchy cast on for this cowl project with this yarn.

Back to Number Three: Not using the Slip Knot Cast On was the key. Just knitting and purling provided no laborious tension.  I found the texture, wonderful, it has a good stitch definition and look of a length of the pattern repeat had me falling in LOVE with this yarn! In fact, I plan on stalking several websites, waiting for this yarn to be on sale. Then score at least one bag for my stash!

And again back to Number One: The Cowl Pattern – finished measurements 11 x 8 inches or 22 inches in circumference. This cowl pattern is a great One Skein Project to add to your Christmas Knitted Gift list. If you would like more depth to your cowl or to make it wider, order 3 skeins of one color and have two Knitted Gifts! (Add 6 sts to increase 1.25 inches in circumference).

Happy Knitting, Nancy


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