Posted by: GourmetGirl | September 10, 2013

Yarn Addiction

My daughter says that yarn is me being on crack.

Go figure the wording of teenagers these days! She hates it when I want to “swing into a yarn shop”. She says that there is no just “swinging in” or anything that could EVER be quick about me and a yarn shop.

I suppose she is right. Yarn is like crack to me. I have a Knitting/Crochet Addiction – MUST have YARN.images-2

I try and ignore the different on-line yarn shops that tempt me to buy with their continual emails of new yarn or sale yarn. I try and stay away from a road trip to a Local Yarn Shop. No matter how much yarn I have in my closet, I am lured into buy more of the fabulous stuff!

The changing of the weather doesn’t help either. It makes me want to change up the yarn I am using and start a new knitting project. OOO! New Knitting!

Even when I am sitting in my knitting chair, KNITTING, I am constantly lured by the different yarn combinations that I see. Oh Look! a bright pink tweed sitting on top of a turquoise ball of yarn! Hmmmmm, different textures and different weights, the colors look GOOD together, I wonder what they would look like knit up together? An alternating lace?

Then my mind will wander to my stash…….ooooo, I have that Feza Premier, I could work up separate designs with each different yarn and they attach them together. Okay, that might be better with crochet – but yarn addiction is yarn addition – fiber crafts can be worked together. WAIT! There is that lovely blue Lorna’s Laces! A lace cowl shawl, that is all the rage, would be fabulous with that yarn.

Okay – reality. Too much yarn and not enough time. I am calming down and headed back to my knitting chair to work on what is on my needles NOW.

Happy Knitting/Crocheting Addiction to YARN,



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