Posted by: GourmetGirl | September 17, 2013

New Knitting

I love New Knitting – who doesn’t!images-2

I have this terrible habit of planning a new knitting project while knitting on a current project. It usually happens when I am at a point in a design project that I am not figuring out how to proceed on the project next and I am “just knitting”.

My……. how my mind wanders!

I was recently forwarded information on Brioche Knitting.  Just another excuse to run to my 1st Treasury book to look up and read a bit about the basics of Brioche Knitting! And yes, another form of knitting to put on my “to try list”! And yet another knitting project to let my mind wander about…….

A few on The List: Entrelac, Irish Lace, Estonian double knitting, and more with multiple colors (fair isle and modular).

I also should add embellishments. Embellishments can turn a knitting project into an extended “craft” project. Embellishments can mean knitting in beads, ribbon, adding a different edging, or applying a duplicate stitch with a contrasting yarn. So many ways to make a knitting project special.EverdayCloseup

Needle Felting – now that has endless possibilities! My mind can wander on so many ways to add that to my knitting.

I try hard to not throw down the project I am “just knitting” and grab new yarn from my stash, cast on and work up swatches that my mind has been thinking about or work up wool pieces to felt, then try new forms of Needle Felting to turn those knitted pieces into pieces of art. I had so much fun with my Everyday Hat……

I must have patience and go back to my “just knitting”.

Happy “Just Knitting” and Thinking of New Knitting!



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