Posted by: GourmetGirl | October 1, 2013

Just Knit

There are so many patterns at your disposal to knit.

Some are simple, some are complex – and some are very difficult to follow!

I hate it when I make errors in a pattern. And it frustrates me when my instructions cause question to a knitter on how to proceed. My brain works differently than most. (Or, I would like to think so!) But, I do realize that not all knitter’s want to be challenged or want a pattern that is beyond their knitting skills.

What makes one knitter happy, may make another frustrated, bored or sad.

Years ago at a knit shop I witnessed a Happy Knitter gleefully dropping into the shop with a garter stitch scarf around her neck. She had stopped in to purchase one skein of an interesting novelty yarn.

imagesThat’s it. One skein.

What I found out was that she had dozens of garter stitch scarves to decorated her neck. She was very happy with her one skein scarves and did not show sign of veering off her path of changing her Knitting Bliss.

My point? Just knit!

Getting yourself all worked up over a pattern – before you even cast on – does not bring you Knitting Bliss. It brings you only frustration and doubt. Sometimes – by just casting on – and “Just Knitting” will see you through to the end of the project. The instructions make sense as you work your way through the pattern and the wording that you couldn’t understand before you cast on is now perfect.

Yes, there might still be an error in the pattern – but it might be an error that is easily figured out.

Remember, there is always “Knitting Bliss” that can find you – Just Knit!

Happy Knitting, Nancy

P.S. My Knitting Bliss? Things like this: 100_4424


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