Posted by: GourmetGirl | October 8, 2013

Fiber Artist

Fiber Art as described by Wikipedia: “Fiber art refers to fine art whose material consists of natural or synthetic fiber and other components, such as fabric or yarn. It focuses on the materials and on the manual labour on the part of the artist as part of the works’ significance, and prioritizes aesthetic value over utility”.

Being a knitwear designer, I need to think of utility. If the bag does not hold anything, who would ever use it? But, maybe knitting and crocheting is not a fiber art at all – unless the priority is aesthetic value over utility. Number one priority for a shawl design, could be its aesthetic value. So, therefore, it is fine art.

One could take this conversation into many circles.

images-3Being creative is form of art. The degree to which you take that art is your choice. You can follow someones design exactly, change the design by switching the color, or use the design as a guideline for your own fiber happiness. Either direction and every direction in-between, places you in the creative seat.

Another direction for the Fiber Artist is to combine different types of fiber art into one project. Knitting, Crocheting, Needle Felting, Embroidery…….then add some beads. Hours upon hours go into a project with all that combining of fiber arts. Not to mention time put in on swatching and trying different approaches. And the main goal? Yes. You guessed it. The aesthetic value over utility.

Back to Knitting Patterns, Crochet Patterns or any Pattern using fiber. In todays society, aesthetic value takes place over utility. In order to make you want to hit the “fav” button, you must be pleased with the look of the design. We don’t need to make a sweater for warmth (utility), we can buy a warm sweater for far less money.

It is a Fiber Artist that wants to create their own warm sweater.

It is the drive to be creative with the Art you wear.

Happy being a Fiber Artist!



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