Posted by: GourmetGirl | October 22, 2013

Knitting for Nancy

I have not always “Knitted for Nancy”. I have spent hours and hours on knitwear that I have not seen since the package left the post office.

It is what it is. Some will say – “But, you got paid.” And my response would be, “Yes, probably 35 cents an hour – no wait – 10 cents!” I am not complaining, I didn’t do it for the money……

I have also spent time trying to figure out what the knitting world really wants in a pattern, so I have designed and knitted simple patterns, quick knit patterns and non-fitted patterns. Nope. The free ones seem to have the most action.

100_4834However, the knitting pattern that I had the most pattern sales from when I first posted the project on Ravelry, was Barcelona Nights.

Go figure! And it is a $10 pattern!

This was a project that Cascade Yarns first wanted, but it was a jacket that I really wanted and knew it would be in the .0002 cents and hour category. So, that project was “Knitting for Nancy!” Which brings me to the question: Are the patterns that make me happy the one’s I should be knitting?

The projects that make me happy are on sport to DK weight yarn. The knitting projects that make me happy have innovative and sometimes complex structuring. The knitting patterns that make me happy have interesting and sometimes difficult pattern stitches.

I am a believer that any knitter, as long as they can knit, purl, yarn over and learn to look at their work, can knit anything. Cast On, Knit and work your way through the project one row at a time. Sometimes it is not about over thinking the pattern. Sometimes you just need to trust and knit.

Hmmm, Knitting for Nancy.

Happy Knitting,



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