Posted by: GourmetGirl | November 5, 2013

Cast On, Knit, Relax

Cast On and Knit – or purl – or throw in some yarn overs. Those are your only three options in knitting.

Knit, Purl, Yarn Over.

Relax your tension in your brain and allow that tension to relax down your neck, shoulders, arms and into your hands.images-2

Sound like meditation? Yes, it should.

The best technique you can ever learn in knitting is relaxing.

Relaxing helps your tension in your knitting, which then allows you to try new stitch combinations, which can bring you more knitting joy.

Knitting Joy. That is my new knitting mantra.

If you do not have Knitting Joy – you are doing it WRONG.

Not to stress you out, WRONG. But to encourage you to relax and Enjoy your Knitting. Enjoy working through the process of learning something new with your stitches. Enjoy the process of discovering how to work a new pattern stitch. Enjoy ripping out and starting over.

If Casting On stresses you out – try a different Cast On. There are dozens of Cast Ons and just because everyone else tells you there is only ONE way to Cast On, IGNORE those negative ninnies and try a new Cast On.


If your current knitting help is not helping – there is another knitter out there for you who will encourage you and help you find your Knitting Joy.

images-3When relaxing is practiced with your knitting, difficult moves are relaxing.

Relax and find your Knitting Joy.

Happy Knitting,



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