Posted by: GourmetGirl | November 12, 2013


How is your Knitting Progress?

Do you have too many projects started that are just sitting? Or as some like to refer to as “Hibernating?”Unknown

I try not to have started projects staring at me in the face…….I’m not so lucky this year. I have FAR too many started knitting projects staring at me. Three Shawls,  a long cotton tank, a Christmas Bag and Christmas Extras. And of course, a couple of socks that have one  sock each finished. I know there is a started felted bag, a sweater that is at the half way point and a sweater with leftover yarn that just needs sleeves in my closet – I haven’t looked at those in a while.

I also have three finished projects that just need photos and posting. Sad, huh?

And, yes, the lace cardigan for my daughter – I have only a few more inches on the body and then the sleeves to finish. What did I do this weekend? I knitted up a quick scarf! At least I finished the scarf!

I have been side tracked with some house projects. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I have been working on those projects to finish instead of knitting. My dinning room is my sewing room and it is seeing the end of several sewing projects THIS WEEK – I PROMISE! I also completed a few door painting projects, accomplished some yard work that included the filling of a very large hole that our dog had too much fun digging! It still needs some more dirt……

Okay, ONE good thing in my favor is that I have started a new design of a knitted cardigan with crocheted trim on paper – but have NOT cast on! I am trying to be faithful to the lace cardigan I am knitting now. (Yes, I did knit a couple of swatches – me bad.)

My Knitting Progress seems to be in limbo.images

I have a feeling that limbo is my knitting progress until I complete several of the started projects. No starting new knitting. No starting new knitting. No starting new crochet either!

Happy Knitting,



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