Posted by: GourmetGirl | November 26, 2013


Sharing knowledge. Sharing experience.

Not everyone wants to share their knowledge – and not everyone wants you to share your knowledge with them!

images-4It use to be that someone sharing their experience and knowledge in knitting was the only way to learn the craft. Then printing, books, and now the internet allows a person to learn knitting moves from words, pictures  and videos. Now you can learn something new about knitting 24/7 from a multitude of different skill levels, teachers, students and opinions.

I am mostly a self-taught knitter. I started with a how-to booklet. I read, practiced, failed and learned without the instruction of a person sitting next to me. The practicing and failing probably advanced my knitting skill beyond the beginner level. But, what made me advance the most was knitting with other knitters. You can learn something about knitting a project by listening and seeing someone else work through the task. You can take what they learned into your project and advance your skill quicker.

I fix other knitter’s mistakes. I practice difficult pattern stitches. Most consider me an advanced knitter. So who can share their knowledge with me?


Just because a knitter is advanced, does not mean there isn’t more to discover and learn about knitting. There are plenty of techniques, pattern stitches and projects I have not experienced on my needles – But, I can learn and experience new knitting techniques through others.

There are so many reasons I love the craft of knitting. One of them being that I constantly keep on learning. Another, being that knitter’s who develop their technique are interesting people – and groups of them together bring me joy and shared laughter.

I my not be able to share my knowledge with everyone I meet – but, you can count on me searching out someone to share their knowledge with me.

Thank You! and Happy Knitting,




  1. Nancy, you are, as usual, very much in line with my thoughts. You have said this with style and grace as well. Often, in solving a problem another knitter is having, my abilities to see what is happening are increased. In my current project, I’ve ripped more times than in my last 20, but have enjoyed that learning process. Aren’t we fortunate to be involved with such a stimulating craft populated with fascinating fellow students?

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