Posted by: GourmetGirl | December 3, 2013

Sitting by the Fire and Knitting!

I love when the air is cold – especially when sitting by a fire.

At night I sit mesmerized by the flames and with darkness all around I become spellbound – which many times puts me to sleep!

The daytime is a different story. I sit in front of the fire and knit!

Somehow, I seem to be more content knitting for hours in front of a fire. A cup of tea, the wind whirling outside and the clicking of my needles. Yes, a perfect time that I like to repeat as often as possible!

Knitting quietly in my own little world……ahhhhh…..

We are heading into the holiday season. Most of us find ourselves extra busy. So, this is what I am recommending: Take time out to sit by a fire and knit!

Okay, you may not have a fire to knit by. But, taking time out to be quiet and escape the hustle bustle of life is good for your soul – and mostly your mind! 🙂

Knitting is a perfect way to put you in another place, to relax, to enjoy time with yourself by Sitting by the Fire.

Happy Knitting,



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